Our Desbry® Tropical Avocados

The Desbry® brand is highly recognized within the Tropical Produce Industry. WP Produce is the #1 importer and distributor of Tropical Avocados from the Dominican Republic.

We grow and ship from WP owned and partner family farms in 4 growing regions in the Dominican Republic and Florida. Our regions in the Dominican Republic provide optimal growing conditions for the highest quality avocados and supply consistent avocados throughout the season.

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Desbry Tropical Avocados are offered in shelf life-extending packaging and utilize ethylene-eating technology from the shipping container through retail delivery to increase the shelf life and freshness. We follow a stringent food safety program with traceability directly to the grove of origin. 

Volume & Consistency All Year Long

As the Number 1 importer and distributor of Tropical Avocados from the Dominican Republic and the efficiency of our sourcing you can rely on consistent and abundant supply year round. We have a proven track record to meet the volume and quality demands of some of the highest volume grocery stores and retail chains throughout the United States.

Tropical Avocado Growing Season

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We ship from our own and partner family farms in 4 growing regions of the Dominican Republic where the optimal growing conditions produce the highest quality Tropical Avocados

The people have spoken. Research shows:

Significant consumer acceptance and market growth opportunities for our Tropical Avocados*


People feel delighted to try Tropical avocados and discover uses and recipes on their own


Tropical avocados are big, gorgeous yet, familiar

Great Value

The value for the consumer goes beyond the price they are paying per pound

Longer Cut Life

Slower oxidation means longer cut life, a plus for consumers and food service

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Green Skin Avocados


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Green Skin Avocados

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Green Skin Avocados

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Increased air flow

Green Skin Avocados


Double the shelf life with our partnership with Hazel Technologies

Desbry Tropical Avocado Box
Tropical Avocados Display

Our retail merchandising will help sell more fruit by calling the attention of our Tropical Avocados and educating consumers about color, quality, ripeness and usage. Our displays have been proven to encourage trial and consumers enjoy the included quick recipes and convenient preparation tips.