The WP Produce Story

Almost 30 years ago, Willy Pardo started selling exotic and tropical produce from the back of his truck in Miami to neighbors who wanted items that were staples of their diets but not always easy to find in supermarkets. Now WP Produce has grown into a full-line purveyor of tropical and exotic items, has recently expanded its lineup to include more common commodities, including an organics line.

WP has stayed true to its mission of providing premium quality in both service and product. Our success is attributed to the many years the company has worked to refine strong and constant partnership with growers and customers.

WP Produce continues to be family owned and operated. Willy Pardo‚Äôs, daughter, Desiree P. Morales, Vice President and his nephew, Christopher Paul Gonzalez, Vice President of Sales, are focused on expansion of their Desbry¬ģ branded produce, product line diversity and innovative packaging. 

The WP Produce Executive Team
Our Farms

Our Farms

Our tropical avocados are grown from the healthy, fertile soils of the Dominican Republic and South Florida.  Our other exotic produce also grows in Florida farms as well as in Ecuador, Costa Rica and other regions of he Caribbean, Central and South America.  At each of these farms, we have local experts working that know how to grow their specific produce with all the requirements needed to yield the best quality and production.

These farmers have been in the business of growing these commodities for generations.  Our products are handled with the best care from the start of the growing process to consumption. If you receive a product from one of our farms, it will be filled with the perfect flavors and textures for that fruit.
We source from the growers that have the best quality for that specific commodity.

packing house

State of the art packing houses

Our state of the art packing houses in the Dominican Republic and Miami meet all the food safety standards and are equipped to handle the volume your organization requires.

The fruits are received, washed and carefully packed by size in a delicate but efficient manner to ensure the fruit doesn’t get bruised and maintains maximum quality all the way to the consumer.

Our long-term employees consistently deliver above and beyond expectations and our customers are the backbone of our operation. We are proud to have been working with many of the same employees we started with over twenty years ago.

Food Safety

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WP Produce ensures the safety of our employees, equipment and product. Our Miami cold storage facility has been yearly audited by 3rd parties for the past 10 years.
At WP Produce, we realize that produce quality starts from the ground. This is why our foreign suppliers follow high standards of Food Safety requirements and are yearly audited by an authorized 3rd party. Packing houses and Fields are audited by GlobalGap or PrimusGFS and other highly recognized Food Safety auditing companies.
We are proud to say that are largest growers have been with us from the start and through much hard work and constant communication we have all grown together.



Our packing and shipping compound in the province of Bonao, which is the largest, state-of-the-art tropical avocado facility in the region, is now energy independent. Since June 2021, our new 20,000-kilowatt renewable solar power installation has been producing more than 100 percent of the electricity needed to power the facility. During peak solar production, our excess power generation is going back to the power grid to support the local community.