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WP Produce Partners The Produce Moms To Promote Desbry Avocados

Tropical avocados are well-known and enjoyed throughout the Caribbean and many parts of the world, but are just beginning to gain a stronghold in the U.S., where market growth of the more common Hass variety has made avocados a top 10 fruit crop.

In order to educate and inspire consumers and retailers alike, as well as boost consumption of Tropical Avocados in the U.S. and Canada, WP Produce’s Desbry brand of Tropical Avocados has been working with The Produce Moms to increase awareness and build a following for this avocado variety, which is large, flavorful and slow to oxidize (turn dark) after being cut.

“It was love at first sight when I got my hands on a Tropical Avocado,” said Lori Taylor, The Produce Moms founder and CEO. “Naturally larger and family-sized, tropical avocados are versatile and delicious. They’re a perfect choice for home cooks and moms — and kids love them.”

Chris Gonzalez

When WP Produce Vice President of Sales Chris Gonzalez was looking for cost-effective ways to increase awareness and interest for Desbry Tropical Avocados, his marketing agency, Moxxy Marketing, suggested The Produce Moms.

“We’re not ready to run Big Game ads yet,” Gonzalez said, “but the thousands of consumers who follow The Produce Moms are a perfect audience for us. Retailers are putting their trust in Desbry to help them grow their avocado category and increase produce department sales. The programs we’re doing with Moxxy and The Produce Moms allow us to show our retail customers how we are supporting their success.”

The Produce Moms is hosting a variety of content on their website for avocado lovers, families and kids, and pushing it out via their social channels, email marketing, podcast and television appearances:

“The content published with The Produce Moms has proven to be of evergreen interest with our audience. In the first six months of our partnership with Desbry we reached over 91,000 consumers, including both live media viewers and new digital users across multiple platforms,” Taylor said. “With our early-stage content continuing to provide reach and consumer engagement, we expect the results will continue to show growth in overall impressions, reach and engagement.”

“Most everybody loves avocados, and The Produce Moms have helped us support WP and their retail customers by letting consumers know there is more than one variety of avocado — and how to incorporate Tropical Avocados into their families’ diets,” Moxxy President and CEO Karen Nardozza said. “It’s exciting to see Tropical Avocados gaining awareness and popularity. More shopper education — both in store and online — will deliver greater results.”

Desbry Tropical Avocados are grown in Florida and the Dominican Republic and are available year-round for worldwide distribution. For more information or to place an order, contact Chris Gonzalez at (305) 326-8333, sales@wpproduce.com or visit wpproduce.com.

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