Beef Tacos with Avocados

WP Produce says today tropicals satisfy consumers’ global palate

April 11, 2017

Miami, FL-based WP Produce Corp. specializes in green skin avocados, Haitian mangos, malanga, yuca, chayote, plantains, oriental items and more.

Vice President Desiree Pardo Morales said the company is currently moving its Desbry branded green skin avocados, malanga, calabaza and yucca.

“By the end of March we will be starting our Haitian mango season,” said Pardo Morales. “WP Produce has year-round programs on our root items, including malanga, yucca and chayote. Green skin avocados run from October through March.”

wpproduceChris Gonzalez, newly appointed vice president of sales with WP Vice President Desiree Pardo Morales and WP President Willy Pardo.The company’s line is produced in the Central and South America and the Caribbean.

“We will soon be starting our Haitian mango season,” said Pardo Morales. “And we are expecting a 50 percent volume increase this year with very clean fruit.”

WP Produce also announced some staff changes. Chris Gonzalez has recently been promoted to vice president of sales.

“Chris is the nephew of Willy Pardo, president of WP Produce,” said Pardo Morales.

“He has been in the produce industry for over 15 years,” she continued. “He has focused his sales efforts on expanding our markets and distribution channels and has already increased our sales by 20 percent. Chris brings in many innovative ideas, and his passion and drive spread high energy across our company.”

Pardo Morales explained that tropicals continue to be a growth phenomenon in produce aisles and on foodservice menus. The company offers an extensive line of tropical and ethnic fruits and vegetables.

“Tropicals are now and will continue to be a part of people’s everyday diet,” she said.

“It is a healthy, fresh and tasty complement to our everyday foods. We live in a global world and consumers have a global palate.”

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